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Summer 2014 – The Neighbor’s Yard

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So the story of our neighbor’s backyard starts back in what appears to be winter.  Looking at it you’d think January.  I checked the date on this photo and it reads April 15th.  The house is the cream colored one, with no trees, a useless deck  and a backyard that slopes downhill.  OK, its the one on the left.  It’s not a great picture of their backyard, but you can see that yard slopes down pretty dramatically, it’s pretty hill and just overall useless.IMG_1066

So our neighbor decided to do something about it.  They ripped off that deck and leveled off the yard where they could.  They started in late April, our assumption that they wanted to complete it by Memorial Day.  The picture below was around Memorial Day, and as you can see, not done.  It may be hard to see, but the patio is poured.



You may see our concern at this point.  Summer 2014 was a very rainy Spring and early Summer.  Our yard has a drain, so when it gets too rainy a river develops.  Only now with the yard all tore up behind us, our river is filled with mud.




In late June the deck finally gets installed.  You may notice that instead of dirt, there is gravel covering the ground.  You’d think that this would help with the dirt flowing to our yard, and it did a little, but now instead of dirt, it’s dirt AND gravel coming into our yard.  I use the gravel to fill in holes in our yard until I plug the holes at the top of our fence.  Now it just builds up on our fence.


Gravel seeping through the fence



After our trip to Iowa, we get back in July.  We didn’t realize that the deck was actually a UFO.



By late August, we’re still getting their dirt.  And no progress made.



It’s now September, and the work has started up again.  Look, they installed a pool!  Perhaps by Summer 2015 the yard will be done.



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