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Summer 2014 – Uncle Dwight

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Early summer we received a call from my dad. Typically mom is the one calling, so you knew right away that something was up. My uncle Dwight had passed away. This came as a total shock to us. Dwight was my mother’s brother, the third child of four.

Every family should have a fun uncle, and Dwight was the fun uncle in mine. Dwight was the uncle that would get down on the floor and wrestle the kids, he had a bumper pool table and dart board in his living room, drove a motorcycle and even played in my silly Survivor Fantasy League (Survivor as in the reality show Survivor). He always worked the most interesting jobs including the post office and a gold mine. He bought an old elementary school and lived in it. How many uncles do you have that can ring a bell in the morning and play basketball in their own gym!


Dwight and me at the mini golf course



Bowling in the gym

Dwight was a fun and kind man. While every death is tragic, this one seems more so. He was in his early 60’s and his mother was still alive to see his passing. No mother should have to bury their child. It’s been especially tragic for my mother and her side of the family. In the past two years her brother’s wife and her father has lost their battles with cancer. Too much death for one family.

I sat back watching Eva and Eli play one morning. Eli is starting to communicate more and has grown enough to venture up and over different places in our house. Eva can now reach almost everything now and her language has just exploded. Their worlds just keep expanding everyday, which is just great.  However, when I sit back and look at my life,  everything just keeps shrinking.

When someone dies, many people evaluate their own lives at that moment.  I suppose if I were to describe life now in one world, it would be hectic.  So much going on all the time.  Eli wakes us up early, work has been good but more taxing, I arrive home during the supper is getting ready melt downs, then the bedtime battles which leads to disaster zone clean up downstairs, dishes, laundry, snack, bed too late and start again tomorrow.  I don’t want to look back at these times now and think of the hard work, the craziness and the things I didn’t get to do.  I want to look back and remember the developments, the fun, and the love.  Just like I remember Dwight.

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