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Screen View Of Adoption Series

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I watch my fair share of TV and movies (although much less now that I have kids), and I’ve noticed a lot more story-lines lately that related to or revolve around adoption. Perhaps this is not a new trend and I’m only noticing this because of my personal experience with adoption (just like I notice whenever a character is named Scott.) But perhaps this is a new trend. If it is, I would think that this is a result of a couple of things. One being celebrity adoptions that you hear about in the news (Jolie, Madonna, etc) that make you think wonderful things about the celebrity (“Oh, what a heart to bring a child into their homes!”) or think terrible things (“Using children to bring attention to themselves is despicable, they probably cut in line for the adoption!”), but either way you’re thinking about adoption.

The other reason I feel adoption is a more common story-line is the prevalence of open adoptions. Open adoptions typically define the open relationship between birth parents and the adoptive family, but I feel that this openness also exposes their friends and family to the adoption experience as well. Our birth mother proudly displays pictures of all her children at work, and opens up conversation when someone asks who the two kids are with her daughter.

Anyway, regardless of the relative frequency of the story-lines, there are plenty out there to look at, analyze and see how they view the adoption experience. I took a glancing look at Once Upon a Time’s adoption story-line way back when, but haven’t really touched much since. With so much content, I’d like to start a recurring series of posts called A Screen View of Adoption. After all, if I can write a long post analyzing the scare record in Monsters, Inc, I can probably analyze something a bit more weighty. If you have any suggestions please let us know in the comments below. Here’s a list I’ve come up with to start with:

TV :
The Blacklist
Once Upon a Time
30 Rock

Movies :
Blind Side
Kung Fu Panda
Despicable Me


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