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Which ones are the adopted ones?

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I follow a few adoption related source on Twitter. Occasionally I find some interesting things, a good post or whatnot. Today one of them posted a picture of Terry Crews at what appears to be a premiere of a movie or something. I’m a big fan of Crews, as he is the funniest guy on Brooklyn 99.  You might know him from his Old Spice commercials or from The Expendables movies.  I was curious to see his relation to adoption, so I decided to Google it.

Google is fascinating.  On one hand it brings us so much information that expands our minds.  On the other it weakens our ability to remember things, because why put forth the effort when you can Google it.  It helps us find out who we really are, and exposes who we really are.  If you google almost any female celebrity (like say Scarlett Johansson), the autofill recommendations will probably list ‘Scarlett Johanson feet’.  Autofill doesn’t hide what we really think or what we really want to know, it exposes how many people think the same thing.

I typed in ‘Terry Crews Adoption’.  This is what I got:


The first article gave me the info I was looking for.  He and his wife are going to adopt.  The next two results struck me the wrong way.  The both essentially asked the same question: Which of the kids are biological and which are adopted?

Gut reaction : Why does it even matter!  Are you trying to categorize them so you can treat them differently!

The problem with being mad at someone for being judgmental is that you are judging them as well.  I try not to be so judgmental, but it is so easy to judge the google searches for these anonymous  searchers when you can’t talk to them or know where they are coming from.

I sit and ponder why a person would want to know which kids are adopted.  In the grand scheme, perhaps its all in the search for truth for some.  It matters no more to them if they are adopted or biological vs. if they are right or left handed, but truth is truth.  Googling their handedness….no results.  I guess finding out the truth about the kids is not what’s going on.

Perhaps they want to see which genes Terry and his wife will show up in specific kids. Like which of the boys will inherit his bouncing pecs.  Ya, probably not.

Maybe it’s adoption agencies research their adoption story so they can see if the kids are infant/older child/domestic or foreign adoptions.  I know when I’m getting ready for an ad campaign, I go to wiki.answers.com for my sourcing information.

I just don’t know what a good reason is to google that sort of information.  Curiosity is probably the main reason it’s up there, but what’s the driving force that creates the curiosity.  We categorize people so that we can make judgments about each group and treat them different.  If you tell me you’re a Republican, you hate the science, and if you’re a Democrat you hate guns.  Both are generalizations that may or may not be true, but since we can put you in that category we can make that judgment so easy.

So what judgment are these googlers making about Terry’s children?  I don’t know.  I just hope that they are not googling one thing and thinking “Which kids are Terry’s real kids?”


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