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Let Me Do It

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Every development stage comes with their ups and downs. With every stage they grow some sort of independence but also gain a number of things that can be trouble. Right now, both of our kids are going through similar developments, the stage I like to call “Let me do it!”

Eva is at that beautiful age where everything you do it is fun, new and interesting. She has yet to realize that they are monotonous, uninspiring chores that she will get to do for the rest of her life. These things include flushing the toilet, sweeping the floor, getting dressed in the morning, and selecting a spoon to eat with.



Orange spoon, green cup, and Boo at the bottom of my cereal bowl

Eva wants to do anything and everything we do.  Here’s just a few pictures of her taking control.


 Dad, I’ll be driving home today.


 Let me pour you some tea, be careful it’s hot!


 I’m going to carry my baby like Mommy carries hers.  (except Mommy’s baby is standing on the slide!)


 I’ll fix Elmo, just call me Doctor Eva.


We need a picture here.  First you measure…



..then you hammer a nail in.

You want her to pick up these things, but she also picks up on those bad habits you have.


Checking her phone at the dinner table.

Eli’s starting to walk right now, so he’s starting to develop his independence.  Right now, it’s at the dinner table that he pushes it the most.  He no longer appreciates being fed, he wants to feed himself.


 I have my own plate!


 And I can eat whatever I want


Like cake!


Just don’t take it away from me!


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