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Picture for Two

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Those of you who follow the blog know that we like to take pictures.   Luckily for us we have two kids that are extremely photogenic.  We have tons of pictures of Eva smiling and of Eli smiling.  But the elusive picture is the one where they are both looking at the camera and smiling.

We can get them to sit together, but one will look at the camera.  When we get the second child to look at the camera, the first one is looking away.  When we get the first one back at the camera, the second has started to crawl away.



Eli, not Eva



Eva, not Eli


 Daddy, Mommy, neither Eli or Eva



Buddy, it’s not that bad!


 Look up Eli



Eli, over here!


Alright…wait Eva look up again!


I’ll look first


Then I’ll look

It’s a lot of work trying to get and hold the attention of two kids this young, but the great thing is when you do get them both looking at the camera and smiling, it’s worth it.






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