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Best Pics of the Year…2012

Before you get to the top 12 pictures, you might be wondering how many pictures we had to go through.  Well, I don’t have the number exactly, but selecting all our 2012 picture folders (which also include video files) there were 9929 files accounting for 52 gigabites. We may like taking pictures.

The Top 12 of 2012


#12 – From our trip to Phoenix (I just love the sly look Eva gives mommy)


#11 – My favorite picture from the hospital.  She gazes out the window as this warm light shines on her, welcoming her to this beautiful new world.


#10 – How did this not win the Gerber contest?!  Don’t you want to buy Gerber products after seeing this?


#9 – With a happy daddy

IMG_0085 - Copy

#8 – After getting to sitting position from lying down, she claps and shows that million dollar smile.


#7 – Mother’s Day with the best mommy ever.


#6 – With Daddy at Cox Arboretum.


#5 – With Mommy at Cox Arboretum


# 4 – Her five month picture, and her first picture where I saw a little girl and not a baby


#3 – After our court date when she became officially ours, Eva expresses her joy on joining the family.

#2 – Cruising with Quinton


#1 – After her baptism and party afterwards, Eva is wiped out and can find no comfort better suited than in mommy’s arms.

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