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Eva the Gymnast

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So like most one year olds, Eva is full of energy.  On some days (those days where Steph is asking when I’m coming home before lunch hits) she’s bouncing off the walls.  She has two attributes that contribute to stretching mommy’s patience.  She has no fear, and will climb and jump off anything, and she’s determined.  If she decides that she wants to crawl on top of the couch, every opportunity to she will go for it.  No fear that she’ll fall, and will not stop trying until it is impossible to.

On other days, that energy is directed towards less dangerous activities, such as jumping, running and spinning(video).  We understand that we can’t stop her from having lots of energy, but we can at least try to direct it towards activities that allow running, jumping and spinning.  So we decided to enroll her into gymnastics.

It first came as an innocuous comment by me, noting that she should be a gymnast.  She has the build of Shawn Johnson and enjoys tumbling and such, but  I never thought that you could enroll a 1 year old.  Well, you can.  Our gym has a class for 18 month to 3 year olds.  So we enrolled her and I went out one week with Eli to watch Eva in action.  These are the pictures, but they are a bit difficult to see because I was taking pictures from the lobby.


Jumping down




Walking the low beam




Swinging on the rings


The high bar


I’m going to earn the gold in jumping!

She loves gymnastics now, and gets excited to go.  She’s improving every week, and we are proud of her.

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