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TMI Poop

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When I was a college student, some friends of mine went out one night. We ate at Steak n Shake, and the conversation somehow drifted into a discussion about 401ks and other “adult” topics. We realized that this is a conversation that we wouldn’t have had just a couple years earlier and we starting to transition from kids to adults. Well, until someone said “boobs”, and order was restored into the world.

Transitioning from adult to parent also brings its own conversation pieces. We find ourselves talking about sleep and laundry all the time. One topic that now keeps coming up is probably the most awkward of them all. Let’s talk about pee and poop.

Eva has started to potty train. This means that within the first 5 minutes of my arrival at home I’ve gotten the latest status update on what made it to the potty and what didn’t. Most days its none, but on those where it is some….

Clipart Illustration of a Bunch Of Floating Party Balloons With

Now when you experience the great things in life you want to share it with your friends. The question then arises, should you announce pee pee to the world (i.e. Facebook)? Let’s run through the checklist.

1. Is is noteworthy?

Yes! It’s a major milestone in childhood development.

2. Is it too revealing?

No. Unless they someday have the password security question “When did your child first go pee pee in the potty?”

3. Not that kind of revealing, is it too behind the curtains?

I don’t think so. After all, Everybody Poops.

4. Is it too gross?

Maybe for some, but you’ve got to look at it differently. Basically we are announcing at this one particular moment our child didn’t wet themselves.

5. You sure it isn’t too gross?

They really need a parent filter on Facebook. For those messages that only make sense to other parents. (Google + is jumping up and down in the corner trying to get my attention. “We have that feature!” Quiet Google +! Nobody uses you.)

6. Will people care?

Who cares! Have you read Facebook? It doesn’t matter if anyone cares, people post any and everything!

So we posted the news to Facebook, and I went walking around the cubicles at work announcing the good news. You’re welcome (or sorry) world.

One thought on “TMI Poop

  1. Little Man has been potty training for a couple of months and he still doesn’t quite get it. He gets a tattoo when he pees on the potty but he doesn’t tell me when he has to go. Oh well. He’ll learn.

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