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The View Down Here: Hey! Over Here!

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So I haven’t written a post since Eli was born, so I thought I’d update how things are going with two kids around.  I asked dad to add some pictures of me they’ve taken.

I’m the blur below Eva.


There’s my nose.


That might be me in the bottom right.


Eva’s block my shot.


Mommy’s hiding somewhere.


They sure seem to catch my back end a lot.

While you’d think the biggest change in the last four months has been Eli’s arrival, it’s not.  It’s Eva.  She’s now super mobile, and likes to run and chase things.  Like me.  She’s a wild child.  I mean look, she’s sitting on a sled in the summer!


Eli and I share a common bond.  We are all fighting for attention from the diva.


You just have to stick your head in there sometimes to get attention.


Most of my day is spent playing with mom or dad, running from Eva, and going to my little area that they made for me.  When Eli and Eva go to bed, I may play.  But most nights I crash.


On August 29th I’ll turn 10.  Most days my burst is a little bit lacking, but I still enjoy a walk.  I just sleep a little bit more, stay a little bit more hidden.  It’s hard to be an old dog somedays.

One thought on “The View Down Here: Hey! Over Here!

  1. I can’t believe he’s almost 10. Happy Birthday, little dude! 🙂

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