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Little Brother

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Steph and I are both one of two siblings. We both are the eldest child, and have a good feeling on what responsibilities an older sibling has. I can (and have) write about what an older sibling is, but now I sit and wonder. What is the role of the younger sibling?

Eli is 4 months old and really only has one responsibility in this world. Stay alive. If he’s hungry, he let’s us know so we can feed him. If his head is buried in the carpet, he lifts it or turns it to breathe. If he’s tired, he goes to sleep (…mostly). These are his major responsibilities. But what about his relationship with Eva?

At less than a year, you can’t place much responsibility there, but we can already see small slivers of being a brother. For one, he loves to watch Eva play. He’ll sit in the stroller while Eva runs the park.


The big thing is that there are some moments when he wants family to hold him. Mom or dad. If a stranger holds him, he cries. with Eva…he’s fine with her. She kisses him and he’s fine with that. He knows that she is his sister.

Just his presence has brought out the mothering side of Eva.


And….that’s it. I mean he just discovered he can use his hands to grab things a week ago, so we can’t expect too much from him yet. I’m curious to learn over the next few years what kind of brother he’ll be, and what that role requires.



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