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A Caterpillar Update

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A few weeks ago, Steph took Eli to Portland for a wedding, and Eva and I had a daddy/daughter weekend.  That Sunday we went to the park, and nearly ran over a caterpillar on the way there.  We came back home, store the stroller and life went on.

So a week later, I’m walking up the stairs from the basement when something odd catches my eye.


A caterpillar was working it’s way up the stairs.  Apparently the caterpillar caught a ride in the stroller and when I stored the stroller downstairs thought to themselves “Crap, now what?”  So began the long journey up the stairs to freedom (hopefully).

I gathered a cup and a postcard and headed back to the stairs.  Unsure if it was alive, I slid the postcard under and the cup over.  The caterpillar moved with excitement (or fear).

I carried it out and dropped it in the grass by the fence.  I kept Quinton away, and the caterpillar left to undoubtedly find some thing to eat.


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