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Mathmatical proof that parenting is hard

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So your baby is fussy. You’ve changed their diaper, made sure that they are fed and are pretty sure they are tired and need to be rocked to sleep. You’ve already figured out the hard stuff (what they want, what they need), but parenting is never that easy. For now you have to rock them to sleep, but in just the right way. Here are the different variables to rock them to sleep.

Speed : How fast do they like to be rocked. While an infinite amount of speeds are possible, let’s assume three (fast, medium and slow)

Bouncing : Yea, or nea?

Rock by Twisting? (Y/N)

Rock by swaying? (Y/N)

Sit or Stand?

Walking or in place?

Lay on left, right or upright?

Tight to body or loose?

Swaddled? (Y/N)

Pacifier? (Y/N)

Shushing? (Y/N)

A Pat (None, Gentle, Medium)

Okay, so looking at the number of options you have 3 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 3 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 3 = 13824 options. Gradually, overtime you figure out the trends with your child, but they have different desires at different time. Eli has one style he likes when he is at or near meltdown while a different one when calm and near sleep. Fast, bouncing, swaying, no twist, standing up, walking, laying on right, loose, swaddled, pacifier, shushing and a medium pat when near meltdown and slow, no bounce, no sway, twist, standing up, no walking, laying on right, tight, swaddled, pacifier, shushing, and a gentle pat.

Sure, I know this now, but how many of those 13824 options did I have to go through to find that right combination? Many, many many.


One thought on “Mathmatical proof that parenting is hard

  1. ::sigh:: Welcome to parenting. Throw in Eva and you have another 13,824 options for a grand total of 27, 648 options but, but but, then you throw in the mood they’re in and the number just keeps getting bigger and bigger……..

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