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Time Management

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Q&A with the blogger

For starters, where have you been? It’s been two months since he was born and only just last week did you finish posting the story of his birth.

Yes, I know. I actually have a few other posts written, I’ve just been way behind on the other stuff, such as editing them, inserting pictures, etc. One of the birth post was missing one little section (a paragraph or so) and it took me nearly two weeks to find the time to sit down and finish it.

Eek! What have you been doing?

Really though, the big reason is because we’ve been raising two kids, and that takes a lot of time.

Have you ever defragmented your hard drive? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a quick description (skip this paragraph if you know or don’t care). Let’s say you have a MP3 that’s saved on your hard drive. You delete it, which leaves a spot open to save new data. Then you decide to save a movie. The movie saves in that spot, but there is not enough room just in that spot, so it saves the rest of the file in a different part of the hard drive. After a while of saving/deleting, your new files could be spread out all over the place, and it takes a little bit to merge them together when loading. So to speed things up you run your defrag program to bring those pieces together.

Well, we’ve spent 15 months defragmenting Eva’s sleep schedule. What was 10-12 fragmented spurts of sleep have been merged into 2-3 groups of naps and overnight sleep. You do this defragmenting until you’re down to one, so that you can get stuff done. Then there is a time when you don’t need to get stuff done, then you ease off and let those naps slip back in.

Before Eli, when Eva napped we did the things that needed to be done like laundry. Once she went to bed at 7, we’d be free to pursue the things we wanted to do. With Eli here, you only have those opportunities when they sync schedules. No more planning to do anything that lasts longer than a half hour.

We know it will get better as he gets older, we know because it did with Eva. But we are getting less patient this time around. We were still settling into our new reality when we sat down to eat at Jimmy John’s, the place everyone goes when they need some sage advice. On the wall was this sign:

If you do the things you need to do
When you need to do them
Then someday
You can do the things you want to do
When you want to do them

There have been things going on that has eaten much of our time, including baptism, surgery, first plane rides, and that one crazy week I’ll post about later that I’ve dubbed Four Funerals and a Wedding. All stressful and time consuming in their own way, yet their are insignificant stress wise to the last couple of weeks.

Hold on, what do you mean by that?

Well, we aren’t ready to post any information about it right now. There’s a time for it, but now is not that time.

So what can we expect here on the blog?

Well, this week is going to be happy, so I have a couple of picture posts that I plan on putting up before next week I get back into the stressful parts of life in the past few months.

Hope everything turns out well.

We do to, because this family is worth it.

IMG_2377 - Copy


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