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The Rest of the Story

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A funny thing happened on the way to another night of poor sleep. I got good sleep. He slept for four hours between bottles. He ate well, and went back to sleep.

Eva was, let’s say, demanding when it came to eating. Every two hours, feed me. The bottle better be ready when I’m hungry. She was pretty laid back most of the time, but when she decided she wanted something it better be quick. Eli has already had a more laid back approach. I’ll be fussy, but you’ve got some time to get the bottle. I’ll eat that bottle, and probably will be asleep just after my last sip.

The morning sun arises, and I’m surprisingly awake. It’s amazing the difference your outlook on life takes once you actually get some sleep. Today was going to be a good day.

Our pediatrician appointment is at 10:00. Our pediatrician normally is off on Thursdays, but since this was Spring Break she was in the office covering for others. Another sign our luck was changing. This was important because we had a wink wink deal with her that instead of bringing Eva back in for an appointment to check her ears, she’d look at them during Eli’s appointment.

She checks Eli, and pronounces him a healthy baby. She does give a ointment for his eye, his tear duct is not open yet. Eva had the same issue, so it was no problem.

She then checks Eva’s ears and informs us that we reached our good news quota already. Ear infection is still there. She prescribes a third anti-biotic and it’s off to the ENT next week. Tubes most likely are in Eva’s future.

The rest of the day goes well. Every little trick we learned with Eva has come back quickly, and we just have a good idea how to live with an infant. Things go so well that Steph says it’s okay for me to go to work on Friday. With my vacation time obliterated, I decide to go in.

April 5th, Surrender

I say goodbye and good luck to Steph as she watches Eli for the day. I drop Eva off at daycare and head to work. Late in the morning she calls to complain that things are too quiet, not hectic enough. She had become accustumed to a toddler.

Today our social worker will visit with Eli’s birthparents and have the surrender papers signed. Continuing with the theme from the hospital, another new social worker will make the visit.

I’m typing away at my computer when my phone rings. Last time with Eva we were huddled by the phone waiting for the call, a call delayed because our agency forgot to call. This time I’m caught off guard. They signed the papers, they are doing well, and all is well in the world.

We are now Eli’s guardians. Strangely, this time it wasn’t this big relief that it was with Eva. I think I expected it to happen, and it did, but more importantly I had already started to feel that Eli was ours. While the legal stuff is important, when you become a parent it doesn’t matter so much on when Ohio thinks you are a parent as it does when you realize it.



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