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This Is The Week

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Wednesday, March 27th, Doctor’s appointment

Wednesday started with a doctor’s appointment for our birthmother, who hoped that the appointment would lead to a recommended trip to the hospital. During the last few months we’ve had three due dates, albeit tightly bunched. First was March 28th and the second one was the 30th of March. The last one we had was after the ultrasound, and it placed the due date at… March 29th. So we were right there.

I waited for the text from Steph to find out what was next. The doctor informed her that she wasn’t quite there yet, but recommended that we all get a good nights sleep tonight. (Translation : Probably tomorrow) Steph dropped her off, and headed back for a distracted work day.

Wednesday night Steph talked it over with birthmother, and they decided to go in the next morning…if she could make it that long. This led to a night of light sleep, waiting for the cell phone to ring.

Thursday March 28th, Due Date #1

Steph and our birthmother head to the hospital in the morning, and I stay at home waiting. They arrive at the hospital around 9 am. Our Eva sitter is coming over because of the indications that today might be the day. By 10:30, our sitter is here, but the hospital has sent them home as the baby wasn’t quite ready yet. However, all indications are that it will be tonight.

By 9:00 pm, indications are that it isn’t happening tonight. Our sitter leaves to visit family, and another restless night awaits us.

Friday March 29th, Due Date #3

It’s nine in the morning and Steph talks to her on the phone. The contractions are now causing her to stop talking while they are occuring. Sounds like things are getting closer. She’ll monitor them throughout the day.

Steph stays at home with Eva, trying to take advantage of one of Eva’s last days as an only child. They go outside to play and Eva trips and falls. The sidewalk wins.

They come back inside and she recovers. Recovers enough to climb onto the couch and fall off. The floor wins. Now Steph is stressed that if she can’t keep one safe, how can she manage two?

Contractions slow, so today is not the day. Hopefully he will not decide to come at three am.

Saturday March 30th, Due Date #2

It’s 8:00 am, and I’m looking for some good news while feeding Eva breakfast. Thursday and Friday were the Sweet Sixteen games and I check to see how I’m doing in the bracket challenge. 7 of 8 picked correctly. That pretty good, how am I doing locally? 5th place! I better do well today!

By 9:30 Steph is convinced her cellphone is broken. No text messages from our birth mother, who had nearly 100 messages total the previous couple of days. I send her a text.


Birth mother texts later in the morning. She had slept in, and was doing okay. Whew! I go to get the mail and we have a letter from the IRS. I open it and find our check. Yay! Keep the good news coming!

Meanwhile, our baby girl is growing up so quickly. Today she has fully grasped the high five, and is taking it to a new level. She’ll high five me, turn around with her hand up and run to momma and give her a high five, return to me for another, and continues until something else distracts her. I encourage this because it’s super cute and fun. This will come back to bite me.

Steph and birthmother continue to text and she wants to go back to the hospital, but not until her daughter is asleep. Steph is concerned that this means another long night. It’s no good to lose a nights sleep right before you need to be up in the middle of the night with a crying baby. Things get crazy, with shadowy people in your doorway.

Birthmother has made up her mind, so we make plans on how to deal with it. At 6:00, we go get ice cream.






“More please!”

The night features about 30 times where Steph’s heart stops when her cellphone beeps with a message. Finally, around 10:00 pm, birthmother is ready to go. Still unsure if this is the time, I stay behind with Eva. Our sitter is still out of town, so we wait to see if she needs to be recalled.

At 11:42, the first report comes to me. She’s not ready for giving birth yet, but they may keep her. Steph texts with our sitter, and informs her that she may need to come down.

The stress of the past few days are now starting to crush Steph a bit. She’s there for the birthmother, but no one is at the hospital for her. She’s starting to doubt if she can do this or not. She needs me there to provide support. Only…

Sitter replies back. She can’t make it back.


She is in no condition to drive. Remember, she is nearing the end of her pregnancy as well. Now Steph is finding out that she will have to do this alone.

Sunday March 31st, Easter

With her anxiety rising, birthmother notices and trys to comfort Steph. I guess she’s not alone. Our sitter’s husband texts back and tells Steph that they will make sure she’s there if we need her. Anxiety dips a bit.

The nurses come in and have birthmother drink water. They suspect that she is dehydrated, and that is the cause of the intense contractions.

By 12:30 Steph is drained, and just wants to come home to cry.

1:00 the water is doing the job, and contractions have slowed and weakened.

2:30 Steph walks through the door and is home. We are in bed at 3:00. In three and half hours, Eva will wake one of us.

A miracle happens on Easter morning. Eva sleeps until 7:30. Well, that and Jesus returned from the dead.

I open my eye when she wakes. Wait, shouldn’t that read eyes? Well, one of my eyes is crusted shut. I was the only one not to get pink eye. Would it happen today? With our luck…

I wipe the eye, and it’s not pink. Perhaps allergies, perhaps something to do with staying up until 3 am, but I think I’m okay. While Eva eats breakfast I check my bracket score.


I’m first locally, and third nationally. I’m awesome. This is the bright spot I needed to get through this tough time. Of course, when you’re first, there’s really only one direction to go.

Today is Easter, but we won’t be attending Easter service today. We are wiped physically and emotionally. We put Eva in her Easter dress and take some pictures.




Today has to be the day. We can share a birthday month together. His birthday would be a simple 3 31 13. I bought him a First Easter basket, just like the one we bought Eva the year before.

The day consists of naps, naps, and more naps. I watch basketball long enough to know that the world truely does despise me. Why else let me taste the top of the world, if only to make it hurt more when I lose it. I pick both games this Easter wrong, lose any chance at the prize (a 3D TV), and will end up finishing in the 45th percentile by the end of the tournament.

By 10pm, it’s off to bed with the knowledge that I have committed an Easter basket fraud. No March baby and no Easter baby. My hope and optimism knew that he’d be born by now, but the rest of the week has now beat that out of me. No bracket challenge, no easter baby, no restful nights, and no mourning with your family. This is your new reality.



For next year….


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