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Puzzle Solution

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Had to make another puzzle for the name, didn’t I.
Every time I do it though, I enjoy making them.

I don’t know how many of you guessed the name.
Sorry, but Scott is not the name.

His shortened name is Eli
Elias was considered, but we decided not to pick that name.
Really, I think that we might just call him by his full name
Elijah Scott Klein

Let’s review the clues:

Clue #1 (25 Credits) : What is the name we told you it would be? (I don’t think we misled anyone…)

Clue #2 (100 Credits) : It’s a biblical name. (Found in the book of Kings)

Clue #3 (75 Credits) : It can be shortened into a common three letter name. (Eli)

Clue #4 (60 Credits) : There are two dots in the middle.(That tricky ij combination)

Clue #5 (50 Credits) : The shortened name is made famous by an inventor and a football thrower.(Eli Whitney and Eli Manning)

Clue #6 (25 Credits) : It starts with an “E”.

Clue #7 (10 Credits) : The most famous actor with this name is most famous for his roles with hairy feet and a talking dog. (Elijah Wood in Lord of the Rings and Wilfred)


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