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Preparation Results

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An update on some of the preparations we are making for number two.


Safe to say this is going better than getting off soda (fail). Anyway, even with some minor begging from Time Warner, we decided to cut the cord. No more DVR, no more HGTV, and no more ESPN. ESPN is a two sided coin, with one side being that it has the content I wanted (Hawkeye and Panther basketball, and 30 for 30 documentaries) and the other side being that most of their programming has become bottom feeding (First Take anyone?) and exploits a majority of cable subscribers (every subscriber pays at least $5 a month on just ESPN whether they watch it or not. No other station costs more that $1.50). We broke down and subscribed to Hulu Plus (7.99 a month) on top of our Netflix streaming (7.99 a month) and run them through our Apple TV ($99 one time)to supplement over the air local stations (free). With cable and Netflix we were spending $83 a month in entertainment, and now have that down to $16. It was worth it, and I’d never go back to cable if it weren’t for the live sports. So it still remains a possibility in the future.

Note : If you love CBS shows…hulu doesn’t carry most of them. CBS’s web streaming is terrible, so either watch it live or keep cable. C’mon CBS!

Living Arrangements

The boy’s room is set up, and so is Eva’s. Here’s Eva’s room:





Walk in closet for toy overflow




Pandas from China


I guess she has a couple of books


Here’s the boys room:


With bag packed to go…hey Eva this isn’t your room anymore!

IMG_2517 - Copy

I know, you’re thinking “Wow, why didn’t I think of a moose head for the nursery! ” Sorry, but the moose head is just covering up the name hanging on the wall.


Double Stroller

Double stroller is purchased and has made it’s initial run through the neighbor and was successful. Fits in the Honda like a charm, and we couldn’t be happier.


One thought on “Preparation Results

  1. Haha, I love the moose head. I was wondering what you were going to do about the letters on the wall.

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