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The View Down Here : Watch Out Below!

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It’s been a while since I wrote, so I figured I should write before things get too busy around here. Apparently mom and dad think things aren’t crazy enough, so they decided to add another member to the family. This totally would have made sense six months ago when she wasn’t mobile, or even two months ago when she was down at my level. Now days I’m usually scrambling because she’s chasing me around. Wait, here she comes again!

OK, I’m back. She’s off to bed, and after this is done I’ll be napping. Besides the chasing, the biggest change around here is the eating. My diet has completely changed. Sure, I still eat chow, when Eva isn’t covering it.



No, I get tons of new food now. During dinnertime, mom and dad put Eva is her rocket chair (if it doesn’t rocket into the sky, then why does it need belts and a locking tray?) There Eva will eat the meal of the day, and some of it will find it’s way down to me. Food comes to me when she’s done eating and just drops it down. This is the best way.

The other way is when she’s upset, or just wants attention. There is swinging of arms involved, and food flying everywhere. This should be awesome, but sometimes instead of tasty treat dropping my way, it’s her sippy cup. Let me tell you, a couple times of that flying at you and you get a little skiddish.



“Watch out below!”

Mom and dad are happy that I can help out with the food on the floor. This way they don’t have to pick up everything, I can do it for them. Really, I should get a treat for being such a good puppy.

Anyway, things are still going good here. I don’t know what things will be like in a few weeks, but Eva and I are two of a kind(video).


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