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The Tornado

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It’s amazing to watch Eva grow through the stages of her early childhood. In the past 14 months, she has gone through these stages:

Blob: Eat, sleep, poo, repeat

Sitting: No longer dependent on Mom and Dad for getting away from a kissing dog


Crawling: The biggest step in independence


Toddling: Or as most people call it, walking. Although if you’ve seen a toddler in their early stages, it is definitely toddling before it becomes a walk.


Eva is now working on the next stage of development. She is moving into the Tornado stage. From what I heard, Tornado stage starts earlier with girls, and can last for a while. Also known as terrible twos, it creates destruction where ever you look.


As with any tornado, sometimes you can see the storm brewing before it suddenly explodes. Sometimes it come out of nowhere.


Just like natural tornadoes the best course is preparation. Hide the valuables in a safe place, or they will be thrown and broken into a million little pieces. Have emergency rations available at all times (graham crackers work well). If you feel that the tornado is coming, get into a smaller room where less damage can be done. Remember, a tornado has no patience, so you’ll have to be fast on your feet. Otherwise, your home may look like this one.



Watch out! Tornado coming through!



One thought on “The Tornado

  1. youhaven’t seen anything yet..

    THIS is a tornado..

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