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Prepping for Number Two: Car Seats

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One benefit to having a child so close in age is that the car seat you purchased for your first is still not expired when the second comes. I know, I was as shocked as you when I found out that car seats are like food, use before they go bad. It’s not like a computer, where it’s obsolete after three years because of technology advances. No, it’s more like the milk in your fridge. It slowly goes bad, and it’s up to you how much past that expiration date you are willing to chance it.

See, car seats are padded with foam. This foam degrades over time leaving it less able to provide the cushion required to keep the baby safe in an accident. I don’t know firsthand how much it degrades, I don’t know if we should trust an industry that would love us to buy more car seats to accurately give us that range of safe dates, and I don’t know how long past the expirations I would be willing to go. I don’t have to worry about it though, luckily.

Eva has graduated to the bigger car seat. Still sitting back facing (until those legs get too long), she continues to be taxied around by mom and dad alone in the back. Alone, but not for very long.

Mom installed the boy’s car seats over the past week. In her car, they each occupy a side as the back seats are bucket seats.


The problem with rear facing car seats behind front seats is that you have to drive with your knees in your chest.

IMG_2667 - Copy

Luckily, in the CRV we have a bit more space and with a flat backseat can place the car seat in the middle. That way Eva can mess with the boy on the ride to the store (….wait, is this is good or bad idea?)



One thought on “Prepping for Number Two: Car Seats

  1. She looks so cute in her seat! I thought you’d like to know that you can rear face much longer than her feet hitting the back of the seat! Kids in Sweden rear face til 6-7 yrs even (though they have seats that allow that and other countries don’t). I would strongly recommend to keep your k iddos rear facing till they meet the weight limits of the seat (and height of course but more likely weight is outgrown first). Kids are so flexible and aren’t uncomfy with lack of leg room. A lot of kids kids fold them. It’s just SO much safer to rear face, I’d try and do it as long as you can. I didn’t know about this with my 1st child but with my 2nd I was sad to have to turn her around at 3 yrs because she gets motion sickness very easily and was painting the whole backseat with every car ride. I believe the AAP now says rear facing till at least age 2 is the minimum now? Worth looking into either way! Just remember for rear facing straps should be at or below shoulders and fwd facing at or above shoulders! So exciting to soon have 2 back there, eh?

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