God's Child, Our Joy

An adoptive family's journey in faith and life

Name Puzzle


It’s time for the boy’s name puzzle. If you attempt to guess the name, you can win up to 100 credits! (See comments on the Peek A post for details on credits). I will list a series of clues below, and for each clue you make a guess. If you guess correctly, the first line in which you’ve guessed correctly is the number of credits you’ve earned. Credit accumulation uses the honor system, and is great for bragging. (So you cured cancer, your team won the Super Bowl and your child just became President and gave you all the credit for being a wonderful parent. Well I have 75 credits on God’s Child, Our Joy, so neener neener neener!) No peeking ahead. Your free clue is that the middle name will be Scott. (So, does that mean Scott can’t be the first name???)


Clue #1 (25 Credits): What is the name we told you it would be? ____________
(I toyed with -25 credits for guessing when you knew the answer, but decided to give 25 for being deprived of the opportunity to play this awesome game. Of course, maybe we lied to you and you still have a chance at 100 credits. Yay deception!)



Clue #2 (100 Credits): It’s a biblical name. _____________
(Whew, that really cuts it down)



Clue #3 (75 Credits): It can be shortened into a common three letter name. _____________
(Sco, yep Scott still works!)



Clue #4 (60 Credits) : There are two dots in the middle. _____________
(Kendotdotsington works here)



Clue #5 (50 Credits): The shortened name is made famous by an inventor and a football thrower. _____________
(But not the inventor of the football throw)



Clue #6 (25 Credits): It starts with an “E”. ______________
(Fine Scott isn’t right, but perhaps eScott…)



Clue #7 (10 Credits): The most famous actor with this name is most famous for his roles with hairy feet and a talking dog. _____________
(Famousness determined by whose name shows first in Google auto fill)


3 thoughts on “Name Puzzle

  1. Oh me, pick me! I know it!

  2. Doh! If only I’d Skyped you recently. I’m sure I could’ve been told the name and gotten 25 credits! As it is, I get 10 credits. Hairy feet are a dead giveaway when you are me…and I didn’t even need to Google it!

  3. can we guess here? I keep thinking it must be Eli but what is it short for? Elliott?

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