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The IOC has decided to drop wrestling from the Olympic Games starting in 2020. As someone who was born in Iowa, this is a great travesty. I myself was never a big wrestler. As a kid, I was the skinny, lanky one. Those are not the attributes of a good wrestler.

In our junior high, our gym classes were every other day. Each day was mark as an “A” or “B” and gym was my “B” day. Everyone had another special class on the “A” days, and for me it was orchestra. By the time I reached ninth grade, the number of ninth grade boys in orchestra was three. For most activities I was top of the class, but not wrestling. One of the other ninth graders was always matched up against me, and I was pinned mercilessly. Multiple times. So I have no appreciation for wrestling because of some vague success I’ve had in the past, because there was no success.

The Olympics that I want are the evolution of what happens in backyards all over the world. You get together with some people, and you have a contest to see who can run the fastest. You want to see who is the fastest, the strongest, and who runs the most sophisticated drug regiment (wait…)

I wrote a fun little post about Eva preparing for the Olympics. While I may have helped her a little bit, you can see in just the first 13 months that there are certain events that are organic to the human competitive spirit.

Running: Already she grabs a handful of dog food and takes off running, hoping to outrun her parents

Swimming: Put her in water and watch her kick.

Throwing: If you leave a basket of clothes within reach, she will go over and toss the contents out.

and of course

Wrestling: She will chase you down and wrestle you to the ground, but perhaps more importantly (and more to the reason I’m writing this) is her actions on the changing pad. A big part of wrestling is breaking the hold that an opponent has you in. This is Eva’s main goal during diaper changes.

She has many maneuvers available for use. The “I’m in immense pain, but not really” scream is a new one, but effective. She also has the “I’m being electrocuted and have no control of my body flailing”, which makes us wonder why humans haven’t grown a third arm. The cutest and most terrifying move is the “All is Well, but don’t blink” move. She’ll lay there like everything is just fine, right up to the moment you take off the diaper. You turn your head to dispose of said diaper and boom; you’ve got a runaway naked baby.


It will be sad when wrestling gets replaced by golf, but at least we still have the modern pentathlon. I mean, as a kid who didn’t challenge their friends to see who among them was the best at a combination of pistol shooting, fencing, freestyle swimming, show jumping and cross-country.


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