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Prepping for Number Two: The Rejects

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This is a list of rejected boys names. Rejection does not reflect the quality of the name, rather the appropriateness and fit for our family.

Junior – A serious contender for a while when every name was rejected. Scott has fallen out of favor in the naming world, so it really has little competition now. However, since I wanted my name to be the middle name, Scott Scott Klein just doesn’t work. Nor does Scott Version 2.0 Klein, Scott 4S Klein, Scott 2013 Klein, Scott++ Klein, Scott “The Cute One” Klein, Scott Harder Klein, or Scott “The Return of the Scott” Klein.

Landon – A name that I liked, most likely influenced by Landon Donovan. One thing we started to do to vet names was to refer to the boy as “Baby X”, X replaced with the name we are testing. Baby Landon just didn’t land for us.

Wally – A favorite choice of Steph’s students to complete our Pixar duo (Wall-E and Eve). While it is a family name (my grandfather is Walter), we just can’t be known as the Pixar family. EXCEPTION : If Disney calls and offers a free trip to Disney World for Wally and Eva, then sign us up!

Jude – Two reasons this name didn’t make it through. One, I don’t know how many times I will sing the song to him. I mean, every time he wakes from a nap I’ll be “Hey Jude, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better.” By the time he’s in high school he would have heard it so much from me and other friends and relatives that he’d probably hate The Beatles, and that’s just not right. The second reason comes from the name website. Jude has become popular again due to the song “Hey Jude”, and thus is not seen as a variation of the name Judas.

Sawyer – English name meaning “woodcutter”. For those Lost watchers out there, it’s hard not to think of the character. Other names ruined by memorable characters on TV : Hurley, Kramer, Sheldon, Raylan, Chandler, Mitchell, Stefon, Homer, and of course Wesley Snipes.

My three “unique” names

Obadiah – Admittedly, my affection for this name stems from a Zeedonk (Zebra Donkey mix) we met in South Dakota. Most gentle animal I can remember meeting.

Joah – Hebrew for “Brother of God”, but would be too close to his uncle’s name (Joe).

Kiah – Don’t know why, but I loved this name. Shortened version of Zebekiah, meaning “God gives strength” in Hebrew. Could lead to a number of pronounciation problems (“Hello, is KeeYa Klean there?”). Despite the website I used for finding it saying it was a boys name, every other website says it is a girls name.

So if Kiah doesn’t work, what about variations?

Kian – Meh. Besides, it means “Ancient” in Irish.

Kai – Kai Klein. Try saying that 5 times in a row and see how you feel about it.

So the K names aren’t working. What might work?


One thought on “Prepping for Number Two: The Rejects

  1. I’ll throw some of our names at you

    When I was pregnant with Sebastian we had a lot of name options for a boy. My husband’s top 2 were Robin and Patrick. They were too unisex for me (Pat especially). My favs were all too weird for him. I liked Link, Phoenix, Oscar. We both liked Damien and Sebastian. The day of the big ultrasound we knew it was Sebastian.

    For Zoe, had she been a boy, her name would have been Cai. (Kai). We liked the name Caillou (yes like the tv show) but we’d call him Cai for short. Recently it dawned on me that with our K last name it wouldn’t really sound great spoken so if we have another boy, I’m clueless.

    I still love Oscar, and Bram

    Good luck on finding a name!

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