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Prepping for Number Two: Living Arrangements

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So the boy is going to need a place to sleep, and a place to store his clothes, diapers and pictures. Before we knew he’d be a boy, we had considered rooming him with Eva. While it would be OK for them to room together for a while when they are this young, we thought it would be easier for them (and us) if they were in different rooms. Sleeping schedules will be easier, and we don’t have to worry about Eva perfecting her curveball by tossing stuff into his crib.

Our three bedroom home was originally set up as master, CPU room and guest bedroom. After our latest tenet Eva moved in, it became master, nursery and CPU/guest bedroom (we have a lot of computers who stay at our house.) Since the nursery was created before we knew Eva was a girl, it was decorated in neutral tones. It will be easier to move Eva to the guest and keep the nursery for the boy.

So, here starts the chain of TO DOs. The main goal is, set up nursery for the boy.

1. Set up nursery

Well, the problem is that the nursery already has a tenet. So we need to move Eva to the other bedroom.

1. Move Eva
2. Set up nursery

Eva will still be in a crib when the boy arrives, so we’ll need to get another one.

1. Get Crib
2. Move Eva
3. Set up nursery

It doesn’t make sense to get the crib without a place to put it. So this means moving stuff including the computer out of the guest bedroom first.

1. Move CPU/stuff
2. Get Crib
3. Move Eva
4. Set up nursery

Where are we going to put that stuff? Luckily we have a basement. Growing up with tornados (including a F5 that hit not too far from home), a basement was a necessity for us. Unfortunately, it has become that room that everyone has when they move. You know, the one where the mover has a box and you don’t know where to put it so you send it to that room. Our basement had become a disorganized mish mash of stuff. Old baby clothes, an outgrown bouncer, unfinished crafts and other projects, the “stuff to take to goodwill when we have the time, but we never have the time” pile, and the empty box pile. If we are going to move the computer downstairs, we’ll have to clean and organize it.

1. Clean the basement
2. Move CPU/stuff
3. Get Crib
4. Move Eva
5. Set up nursery

The basement is where we store our Christmas decorations. We can’t really start cleaning up the basement until we put all the Christmas decorations away and know what space we have to play with.

1. Put away Christmas decorations
2. Clean the basement
3. Move CPU/stuff
4. Get Crib
5. Move Eva
6. Set up nursery

Can’t put away Christmas until after Christmas

1. Wait for Jesus
2. Put away Christmas decorations
3. Clean the basement
4. Move CPU/stuff
5. Get Crib
6. Move Eva
7. Set up nursery

So basically it will take an act of God to get the nursery ready.

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