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Prepping for Number Two : Intro

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Eva’s brother is due at the end of March, but we are not prepared yet. You’d think that prepping for number two would be easier than number one, and in some ways it is. We have supplies already and we have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge about raising a child. However that vast amount of knowledge comes with a cost of knowing what needs to accomplished. Also last time we had to prepare, we didn’t have a child running around trying to eat dog food.

(So thinking this through, if we’ve acquired all this knowledge about how to raise a child it would stand to reason that in each family the oldest child would be the worst off and the youngest child would have had a better upbringing. As a first born, I am outraged at the person who just wrote that. What I really think is that the more that we think about parenting, the less we actually do.)

We have a variety of things that need to be completed. Moving Eva to another bedroom. Prepping the nursery again. Acclimating Quinton to the new family. Making sure Eva can function without being the center of our attention. Finances. Work situations. Understanding how the relationship with our birthparents will stay the same and be different as well.

Perhaps the biggest thing is that we need to wrap our own brains around it. As an adoptive couple, we do not have that physical reminder every day. No feet are kicking our internal organs, no late night runs to McDonalds for pickles and hot fudge, no adoring looks from friends and co-workers for the bun in the oven.

I want to say that I’m thinking about number two all the time, but then I can’t. I come home and my baby girl whom I left that morning has matured into a little girl. Each day and each week she has developed a new skill or learned something else. I’m constantly amazed by her. How do I prepare for number two while not ignoring number one?


These are the things that we are grappling with. On the plus side we have (….calculating…) 10 weeks. Assuming everything goes to plan…


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