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Meeting Santa

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Have I told you about when Eva met Santa?

We had a Children’s Christmas party at work, and part of the festivities was a visit from Santa. We scheduled our time to take a picture, and arrived to wait in line. Our picture time was bordering on her normal bedtime, so she was starting to fade. She couldn’t understand why we dressed her up so late in the day.

In front of us in line was a girl no more than 6 months older than Eva. When she was placed on Santa’s lap, her displeasure was immediate and vocal. There were plenty of pictures, but they’d be going home with sad pics. What about us?

I put Eva on Santa’s lap and stepped back. Her reaction was more of a “What’s going on here?” Here the picture from my phone.


They snapped a bunch of pictures, and here is one of the better ones.

#1099_ Ball Party_ 6 Dec 12

Afterwards I took Eva around, but found most of the food/crafts too old for her. Next year she’ll be having a ball, but not quite old enough yet.

So I asked at the beginning of this post if I had told you about when Eva met Santa. Well, the Santa at the children’s party wasn’t the real Santa. He’s one of his representatives from around the world. We actually met the real Santa at Bob Evan’s on New Year’s.

(sorry, no pics. The man delivered a billion gifts, I figured he needed a break.)

We stopped in Bob Evans for lunch on New Year’s and they put us near the back corner. We got situated and gave Eva her bottle to drink. Behind Eva, in the far corner, they sat a couple. He wore red clothes, had a white beard, and looked as though he might have eaten way too many cookies recently. His wife sat across from him, also in red, looking as though the holiday season had been kind of hectic.

Once Eva finished her bottle, she waited for us to get her food ready. She looked around her to see who was sitting near her. Santa! I didn’t notice right away, perhaps my years of adulthood have depleted my magic and wonderment. Eva knew immediately, and began work on next year. After each bite of food, she’d whip her head around to see the couple behind us and show them that she was eating and that she was a good, happy and joyful child. Santa was pleased, and even began to make playful faces at her.

After we ate, we left for home. Eva was now resting in back, knowing that she had put in a good word for next year.


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