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Thursday, Dec 27th/28th : Coming Home

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We make one last trip to see my folks. Eva enjoys standing in her rocking chair just once more.


The trip has started to wear Eva down now, and she passes out to sleep. You can tell she is really tired because she’s in the stage where she doesn’t want to be held, and when others are around she likes to interact.


We say our goodbyes and head back to Steph’s parents. Lunch, pack and more goodbyes. It’s sad to go.

We hit the road early afternoon. About 5 minutes into the trip I’m warm.

S: “Coat!”

C: “You should probably pull over and take me off.”

S: “No way. We’re on the road and we’re not stopping for a while”

C: “Bet I can make you take the next exit.”

S: “Yeah right”

I look over at Quinton. He’s now standing funny. Does he not feel right? Is his back legs hurting…wait. Stop! Yes, Quinton is now relieving himself. A bit of luck though has happened. We had a blanket for him that we forgot to pack. So I suggested we just put it in his dog bed. We should be able to just pull that out and be fine.

I take the next exit. We’ll be fine as long as he doesn’t move. The exit is a giant loop. He moves. The curve continues. He jumps to the floor, which is packed with stuff. The curve continues. There is not a spot big enough for him so he continues to dig around looking for a clear spot. At the end of the curve is a stop light, red. He is now whining. Red. He’s ashamed. Green. We pull into a gas station and empty him out (like I should have done BEFORE we left). The blanket comes out, is drained and stored in back. Bed is still good to go, and we are off again.

Iowa roads this time are clear, so we switch in Illinois. Eva is awake at this point (preventing my nap), so she decides to play peek-a-boo. She throws her hands over her eyes, then pulls them off and giggles. It’s probably the most adorable thing ever.

Indianapolis was the center of the storm, so we anticipate the worst there. They had 10 inches of snow, and the Dayton area had about 7. However, when we arrive and pass through Indy, there are only traces of snow. Roads were clear.

About an hour past Indy, the road starts to fog, but it only lasts for a little bit. Ohio roads were clear as well. This only leaves one potential issue. Our driveway.

Friday, Dec 28th

We arrive early Friday morning (yay, I get to go to work in 7 hours!) The driveway has preserved the snow for us to deal with, and left us the tale of the neighborhood shoveler who walked up to our front door and left. Our Honda took a look at the snow and said, “Yeah, I can do that.” With only minor fish tailing, we make it up the driveway and are home.


Of course you need to unpack the car, get Eva back to sleep, dog potty, and unwind. Yay, only 6 hours til work!

Morning comes and we check out the snow. Wait, it’s light out? What time is it? 7:30?! Eva slept in!


While we were gone, we had four visitors: The shoveler, our newspaper deliverer (despite us stopping our newspaper while we were gone…), Santa and Jesus!


So Eva’s first Christmas trip has passed. What did you think of it Eva?


Beep beep!


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