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Wednesday, Dec 26th : Nap City

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Wednesday has three goals: Post-Christmas shopping, pictures in the snow, and naps. Despite being up early than the sun has deemed appropriate, we don’t rush out for the deals. Besides, there is no room in the inn…er Honda for much more. There is room for Willie Mays though.


Iowa is just great. We went to the mall to get the Mays, and just inside the entrance was a coat rack. Here in Ohio, you’d worry that someone would come in, grab the coats and leave.


One unconsidered element of staying an extra day is Eva’s formula. We appear to have just enough for one more day, but with no extra in case we mess up. We’ve been using Earth’s Best, and attempt to find some in Cedar Falls. There is none. Not at Hy-Vee, not at Target, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or Toys-R-Us. Many of those places carry Earth’s Best baby food, but not the formula. Luckily we do not mess up, and make it back on formula fumes.

We put Eva in her first snow suit, and take a few pictures in her first snow. Yeah, so last year in Dayton we basically had no snow. It snowed a couple of times, but not enough to stick or look pretty. This fact has annoyed Steph for a year now, as she had the perfect snow outfit for baby Eva that she has now outgrown. This is going to be the first snow that we could set her in.



IMG_2147 - Copy


Wednesday afternoon at Steph’s parents is Nap City. Everyone (Quinton included) is taking naps from an eventful holiday. We eat dinner with my folks and bring back the gifts for packing.

Now in my simple mind you have to actually pack the car to know what will fit. Not so with my wife. She somehow had everything boxed up, and knew exactly what would fit in the car and what wouldn’t. We end up with four boxes that won’t fit, and have to ship them back to Ohio.

Before bed we check the latest on the storm through our town. Seven inches of snow, work closed for the day. Hopefully tomorrow brings passable roads.


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