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Tuesday, Dec 25th : Merry Christmas!

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This Christmas starts off like I imagine many in the foreseeable future; early. Eva gets us up and reminds us that it is Christmas, we have gifts to open! OK, that may have been us saying that. First things first though. We check the weather again (for the 90th time in the last few days). If the storm slows and drifts into Thursday, that means we have to leave today. The forecast has held, so Thursday is still good. On to the gifts!


Eva gets to play with her gift from Santa.


Eva rams the Viking.


We only open a few, then we adjourn to get ready for church. We head to Church #2, and this time we brought our talking girl with us. Even Grandma cannot contain her. I think the difference had to do with the number of people less than the previous church. Or, maybe she was just excited because on this day, our savior was born, Christ the Lord. That’s something to be excited about.

After church, we drive home and drive past the shuttered Hostess outlet store (sad, no more Zingers). Eva is asleep by the time we get back, finally a much needed nap.


Eva wakes in time to open some gifts. The big hit, one of those Hallmark greeting cards with music.


Afterwards we get to all experience a holiday tradition. Her first “A Christmas Story” marathon.

As wonderful as the “Christmas Story” marathon is, Christmas means so much more. It’s a time of year where we show those who are important to us what they mean to us. We do this with gifts and Christmas cards, but mainly in whom we visit with. Our families are very dear to us, and we get to bring Eva into that love.

Eva understands this more than we do. She opened many birthday and Christmas gifts this year, but she’d give them all back for more time with the family. To be chased by her dad, comforted by her mom. To play with her uncles, to be loved by her grandparents.

We participate in this gathering of family during this time of year because of the love that God showed us in giving us his one and only son. While Eva may not yet grasp the enormity of that (and who among us can), she can grasp the joy of the season and the love and strength of family.

Merry Christmas!


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