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Monday, Dec 24th : A Christmas Eve UPS Miracle

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Christmas Eve starts off with crying fit. Between 4 and 6 am Eva goes between sleep and crying. The Sims sleep bar that hovers over our heads is starting to get really low. This day cannot get any worse off, which is unfortunate because this is one year to the day that we brought home Eva.

Eva sits and plays on the floor of the kitchen, and plays peek a boo with everyone in the living room. This is cute until Grandpa notices that she has that gentle sucking motion in her face. She had found a pill.

Grandpa bursts into action and pulls the pill from her unwilling mouth. Is the pill intact? What kind of pill is it? Are we going to have to make her puke? Get her stomach pumped?

We get our answer on the pill and call the pharmacist to determine what to do. Some of the coat had dissolved, but the numbering and lettering was still legible. Pharmacist says to keep her hydrated, and watch for symptoms the next 6 hours. Anything that would indicate low blood sugar, so sleepiness, irritability, etc. Hmm, those symptoms line up perfectly with waking up at 4am as well.

The morning continues with two visitors to the house, one of whom Quinton dislikes very much. So, with much barking we take him back to the bedroom where he proceeds to spill his water in bed. This might be the time to go to sleep and try getting up on the other side of the bed.

We head back over to my folks for the rest of Christmas Eve. Eva passes out on the way there, tired from a busy morning of new guests, pill popping and 4am wakeups. Normally we’d put her down for a nap in the bedroom, but we instead hold her to monitor her.


All continues to be well and Eva wakes up. We are better prepared than the day before, this time we came with a full assortment of diapers and clothes. Eva, in best SyFy impersonation, creates a sequel that bigger, louder and more explosive that the first. Poosplosion 2: No One is Safe. While we remembered diapers and a change of clothes, we didn’t count on the collateral damage. The event reached Steph’s clothes as well. So for the second day in a row, it was back to Steph’s house for clothes.  Oh the humanity!

We typically split Christmas Eve and Christmas, one with one family, the other with the other family. This Christmas Eve was with my family, so we’d open gifts that day. My brother had sent his gifts via UPS, and we decided to wait until they arrived to start. The package had arrived in Cedar Falls on Saturday, so getting here by Monday should be no issue. So we waited.

Lunch came and went.

Most Amazing Car Chases 4 came and went. (My personal favorite, the guy who thought he could outrun the cops in a limo. Wait, it gets better. He determines that city roads are terrible to maneuver in a limo, so he jumps on the highway. The limo starts to smoke and stops on the side of road, I imagine that it wasn’t built for a straight forward chase. What it’s really built for is running from the cops in reverse! Down the on-ramp [in reverse], into a subdivision [where he remarkable maneuvers quite well] until he runs into a tree. All because he had an expired license. )

Six hours past the pill came and went. No adverse symptoms!

Dancing with the snowman came and went (many times)


Dinner came and went.

We have to get back to Steph’s parents soon. She has to get ready for Midnight at 10 mass, and I have to put Eva down for bed. We decide to open gifts without my brothers. We gather the gifts and start to disperse them around. When off in the distance, what did we hear? But the brakes of a UPS truck*, and boxes from Phoenix. A Christmas miracle.

* Make sure to thank your UPS guy/gal. This Christmas Eve he had to work late and miss Christmas Eve at home to deliver those last minute gifts to make your Christmas joyous.



For Eva’s Brother


Afterwards we head back so Steph can get ready. Eva goes to sleep, and I help Santa put together Eva’s gift. The family returns from mass and we head to bed. Otherwise Santa won’t come.


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