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Sunday, Dec 23rd : Herbie, Church and Eva’s SyFy Movie

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Sunday arrives at 5:30 (woo hoo! 30 minutes later!) We eat breakfast and introduce Eva to Herbie. Herbie is the fattest squirrel in Cedar Falls. While his squirrel buddies are digging through the deep snow in today’s 10 degree temps to find food for the day, Herbie has corn waiting for him.



The corn sits at the end of the short side of the staff, so when Herbie climbs to reach the corn the staff will rotate due to the weight shift. He’s Jackie Chan with the contraption, and has it down pat.

Being Sunday, it’s church so we head off in the cold temps. Eva’s proud Grandma takes her and shares the joy with her fellow church goers. For the first time in a while, I get to give my full(ish) attention to what’s happening 60 feet in front of me as opposed to 6 inches.

Sunday afternoon we spend with my folks. Having both families in one town is a blessing and a curse. You only have to make one trip, you can have a birthday party with everyone there, but time-sharing is tough. Plus with Eva naps and schedule changes, your family may have to block off a chunk of time that you can’t make.

We arrive and the door fails to close behind me. My coat had ejected my glove into the door frame. “Coat!” Anyway, Eva meets Desi, my parent’s dog.


Eva decides that the recommended position for sitting isn’t much fun.


Eva the meets the dancing snowman.


Look at that, an outfit change. We forgot to restock the diapers before we came over, and we had what I’ll call a Poosplosion (sounds kind of like a SyFy flic). I had to run back over to pick up diapers and a pajama and head back. I had it easy. Steph had to keep her contained for the 10 minutes I was gone, quite the feat for a mobile baby.

So far our Christmas Vacation has included “Attack of the Killer Coat”, “Snowocolypse”, “Jailhouse Nap” and “Poosplosion”. Of course I also forgot to mention the other sign of the new end of the world. The Vikings won.

Night fall comes and we head back to put Eva to bed. We have one thing left to discuss, when to leave. Our original plans had us leaving Wednesday, but home was expecting 6 inches of snow that day. Wednesday was out, which leaves two options: leave Thursday or leave on Christmas.

Leaving on Christmas makes the most sense. I won’t have to take an extra vacation day, we don’t have to worry about the condition of the roads post storm, and it gives us an extra day to recover. But in the end, our hearts won out. Leaving on Christmas seems so…crummy. Plus this gives us an extra day with the family.

Mark this down as the second time this trip that you could say “Careful what you wish for”. We wanted a White Christmas, but with it came difficult roads. We wanted to stay with our families longer, but at the loss of a vacation day.


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