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Saturday, Dec 22nd : A Birthday for Eva

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When we laid our heads to rest early this Saturday morning, we had dreams of 7:30 wake-up dancing in our heads. Eva had slept well in the car, but we expected her to be wiped from the travel and from being awake when we arrived.

5:00 our one year old alarm clock went off. No rest for the weary.

Saturday was Eva’s birthday and she was ready to start it early. We had a full day planned with pictures, gifts and cake. So after dragging through the morning we prettied ourselves up and went for our photo shoot.

The idea was to get a family pic (Quinton included) and to take pictures for her first birthday. It went well, and I even came up with a brilliant idea. If Jimmy Fallon is reading this (he could be), here’s the idea for a sketch. It’s called Candid Camera: Parents Edition. A studio installs cameras that focus on the parents behind the camera trying get their child to look the right way, smile, not grab the props and stay still. The variety of jumps, noises and goofy faces I made that day would be priceless.

We came home and got ready for her birthday. With family over, we start opening gifts. It’s a we effort, as Eva is unconcerned with these wrapped items. Momma helps her unwrap them, Quinton digs in where he can, and Eva would rather eat the paper.



After gifts comes the most anticipated part. The cake. How would Eva react to free reign over this new piece of food? Would the sugar rush come back to haunt exhausted parents? Would Quinton get any?


We place the cake on the tray. She looks at it and is confused. She’s in her eatin chair, but never has anything so big been placed there. What do I do? I can’t fit this in my mouth.


She plops her arms on it, and is pleasantly surprise.


Quinton watches from down below. “I’ll show you how it’s done!”


We cut her out a piece, and she figures it out. Frosting goes on the arms, right?



After cake my folks need to go to the airport to pick up my brother. It’s time for Eva’s nap, but guess who’s tired but full of sugar and doesn’t want to nap. We place her down for sleep, only to her a strange noise in our monitor. You know those jail movies where the prisoner has the tin can that he is running against the bars? Replace that with bedroom, pacifier and pack-n-play. After much fighting, she succumbs to sleep just as my family re-arrives. Later she wakes to get some more love from everyone before going to bed for the night.

I decide to visit with my brother at my folk’s house, so I need to grab my coat. Of course, my coat has decided to hide in our bedroom where a cranky Eva has just fallen asleep. So, I have to sneak in the room and scrounge for it. Only then did I hear a whisper from the next bedroom.

“I’m in here idiot”

(Shaking fist in the air) “Coat, you’ve foiled me again!”


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