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Peek-A-Choo Choo

In case you’ve thought I’ve lost my mind, I’ve just read you Eva’s favorite book. Here, let me read you her second favorite:


Each page in this masterpiece has a picture of something, 10 eggs, five fish, etc. Lest you think of it as not having much depth, each page is a puzzle. I mean is it four presents or four gifts? Six flowers or six daisies? One birthday cake or one candle?

Eva has chosen these to be her favorites for one reason I believe. They have few words. Just like when I go to choose a birthday card for someone, if I open it up and see a long paragraph it’s going back to the rack. Just like when you log in here and see a long post and decide, “Meh, I’ll scroll for some Eva pics”. We make those decisions based on time and less rambling. She’s choosing these because she’s learning.

I think she enjoys the repetition because she is starting to recoginize the pattern. The picture of the train means “Choo Choo”. The book always starts with “One”. Her third favorite book has more words, but repeats one word often:

Bubbles, Bubbles on my nose
Bubbles, Bubbles on my toes
Bubbles, Bubbles in my hair
Bubbles, Bubbles everywhere
Bubbles, Bubbles fly so high
Count 1,2,3 as they go by
Bubbles, Bubbles are so fun
Bubbles, Bubbles for everyone!

Meanwhile Mom and Dad try to hide their dismay when somehow she digs through an entire pile of books and always pulls one of them out. “Really, we get to read Peek-A-Who again? Yeahhh…” I complain, but it’s worth it each time you read “Bubbles in my hair” and she giggles when you run your hand through her hair.

IMG_1177 - Copy

(For the scrollers….)

4 thoughts on “Peek-A

  1. We have the brainy baby book you reference. I made up a song to go with it (big surprise there; I do that with all our books). Anyway, we read about one birthday candle AND one birthday cake, four presents, and six gerber daisies. Just in case that makes the test easier. Olivia’s favorite book for a long time was Kitty, Kitty. I hid it under a blanket once because I was so tired of reading it.

    Unrelated, do you get credit or anything when we watch your sponsored ad videos? We watched it at least three times while I was typing this comment so that Olivia wouldn’t turn off the screen before I finished. …Make that four.

    • Why sure you get credit! Your 4 credits* are redeemable for awesome things**! I never realized that there were ads for the blog. A little research showed that WordPress members do not see the ads (unless we add them for income, which we haven’t). I can remove them (for $30), but then you’d lose those awesome credits.

      * Credits are nontransferable and have no cash value.
      ** Things are imaginary

      • Haha, thank you for the credit. I was actually wondering if YOU get credit for us watching them. I’ll take the 4 credits, though, and save them up to redeem some other day. There’s often one video ad at the bottom of each post. Not on the blog home page, just on individual post pages. Quite inconspicuous, as ads go, and not really obnoxious. Definitely not worth you paying $30 to remove them. Also, they keep my one-year-old interested.

  2. My nephew was into Go, Dog, Go! back when I was in IA and saw him a lot. He was ready for so much harder books, but always wanted that one! He would at least listen to reason though. I finally convinced him to let me read others by making a deal…if he didn’t like the book I read to him, I’d ALSO read Go, Dog, Go! when I finished and he’d get TWO books….you have a little while before that trick might work though. Good luck in the meantime!

    PS – there are also readers of yours who see all BUT the photos! : ) I can read everything from my email – and do! : ) I have to turn on my VPN and get on here to see most of the photos (every once and a while one will work in the email). So, read, read, read away!

    PPS – I’m currently reading The Hobbit for the ump-teenth time in my life. Will you read it aloud for me???? Pretty please?

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