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Christmas Time Is Here

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We have space under our stairs for storage, and it’s broken up into two sections. Other, which accounts for 30% of the space and Christmas. So yeah, we like to decorate for Christmas. The items are comprised of things we had as kids, things our parents gave us when we moved out that we thought we needed (not because they didn’t want to store them anymore), and stuff we’ve acquired along the way.

The nice part about bringing out Christmas decorations each year is the memories attached them, to reminisce about the past. Check out this picture of Quinton from his first year.


We have three Christmas trees. Granted, one is two feet tall, and one was handed down to us, but we used to put up all three. Wait, used to? Has parenthood stolen our Christmas spirit? No! In fact, I think it may have even spruced it up. This year and the next, our kids will experience their first Christmas times. (Yes, technically Eva was three days old last Christmas….this is the first one she’ll enjoy consciously) How exciting is that?


It’s not Christmas until you put up your dachshund tree.

No, we scaled the decorating down to one room (with a few pieces scattered strategically around other rooms) due to Miss Grabby and put in the Mouthy. (Ugh, terrible name, how about Miss These Pine Needles Taste Funny, or Miss I May Stand and Fall, but this Tree is Coming With Me, or Trouble Comes a Crawling) The dining room is currently a gated community, so no babies. Eva is in the stage where anything she finds on the floor must be food and should be eaten. While it is super fun to look over at her and see her mouth moving up and down and trying to determine what she put in there, it’s would be twice as fun to wonder if the lead based materials used to make our tree 20 years ago are now coursing through her body.


Our tree now has ornaments for all four of us.





So now the fun parts. My favorite non Jesus Christmas decoration is my Adrian Peterson ornament.


Nothing much to say about it (other than it’s awesome), but I thought it would be weird to talk about my second favorite without mentioning my favorite. Anyway, my second favorite is Dancing Homer.


Eva loves this. If you don’t believe me, see the video. Homer is probably her second favorite decoration, just behind our Peanuts band.

So we have a nativity set up on top of the piano, and in years past they’ve all been there from decoration day (Thanksgivingish) to de-decoration day (New Yearsish), including Jesus.


However, this year we are going with the tradition method of having Jesus come on his birthday. Thus started this conversation:

“So, where should we keep Jesus?”

“I don’t know, the junk drawer?”

“You can’t put Jesus in the junk drawer!”

I don’t know what most people do with Jesus, but storing him with our coupons didn’t seem the most appropriate either. So we’re letting God hold him for now and bring him to us on Christmas day (as far as you know).


That’s not dust…it’s snow!

The last step in Christmas decorating is the stockings. We have no fireplace, so ours hang over our windows.









While Christmas decorating gives you a window into the past, it can be a window into future as well….


Eva’s Brother’s

One thought on “Christmas Time Is Here

  1. Oh, this one is so much better with photos and video. Dance, Homer, Dance! I think I might need to buy you one of those singing fish that wiggle. I finally know who they are marketed at….1 year olds. : )

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