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Oh Boy

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With our next adoption coming soon, we anxiously waited to hear if Eva was going to have a brother or sister. With a brother, we would never reach a point where we’d wonder if we should have a boy, and it ensures that the family name makes it to the next generation. With a sister, we could entertain sharing a room for a while, sharing clothes, and not having to restock the baby clothes. While we’d be fine with either, I think with the quick turnaround we were leaning for a sister.

Just before Thanksgiving, we would get the news. Steph was able to go with our birthmother to her appointment and see the child. Two arms, two legs, and one part that clears up the uncertainity. We are having a boy.

We started to let the news trickle out, first to our family and friends before announcing it through our Christmas card and then the world (well, at the least the world has access to this post). We created our card online this year and had them printed and shipped to us. We ordered them two days before found out, so all these cards came that said we were expecting a brother or sister. So, as we addressed and stamped them, we also had to scratch out “sister”. Timing can be funny sometimes.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive. Everyone is excited that we are having a boy. Everyone thinks that this must make me super happy, as all dad’s want to have boys. I am excited, but also nervous.

See, when Eva joined our family it was all fun and games. She is daddy’s girl. I get to love her, to have fun with her. With boy, I get to do those things as well, but there is that added responsibility. It’s my responsibility to teach him how to shave, how to treat a lady, how to fix a flat, how to be a man. That’s a lot of responsibility. I am up for it? I think I am, but only time will tell.

Time has already told us how we’d handle our first concern. Despite only have a few gender neutral clothes and need to stock the closet with boys clothes, Steph found the cure for this ailment. Carter’s Black Friday sale with 50% off plus 10% before noon plus 20% off coupon cures many garment issues.


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