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Goal Achieved

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For years I’ve submitted a picture for the work calendar. For years, I have failed to make it. I never gave up trying though, so when this year’s competition opened up again I submitted two pictures. I waited. So much in adoption and parenting is waiting and hoping. I adoption, it’s waiting for that call, hoping they don’t change their mind, waiting for finalization and hoping for continued positive relationships. With children, you wait for them to show, hope they are healthy, wait for them to sleep through the night, and hope they develop on schedule. There is no moment where you are not waiting and hoping for something. The point is to never give up hope, to not stop waiting, and never give up the faith. I received an email….they selected my picture this year.


One thought on “Goal Achieved

  1. Congrats, Scott! Great shot! And you only have to wait until February to display it….then you can conveniently never change your calendar the rest of the year, right?

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