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Eva Goes to a Wedding

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We moved to Ohio just over four years ago, but just recently we went to our first wedding here. Remember that crazy 10 year period after you graduate where your summers are filled with weddings to go to? Well, we’re past that stage now. We’ve slipped into that period just after where the babies come.

For our baby, Eva, this was her first experience at a wedding and reception. What would she think of it? I imagine it will be like church to her, but it’s really going to be the same as every event in life where there is other people. She’ll see a crowd of potential friends and adoring fans.

The wedding was a 2:00 PM, so we needed to start getting ready a 6:00 AM (only a slight exaggeration). The opportunity for the two of us to get ready at the same time is not available now. Getting ready becomes a coordination event, make sure that we have time for each one of us to bathe, eat, change and whatever else. Don’t forget the “whatever else”, it will always come back to bite you.

Coordination math is funny. It may take me a half hour to get ready, a half hour for Eva and an hour for mom, but somehow together you need three hours. You get her ready, then get yourself ready, then have to go back and redo her hair and change her diaper again.

We set a time in our minds that we want to leave, and once it’s ten minutes past that we’re finally ready and start to grab what we need. Quinton sticks his head around the corner and says “What about me?” Our “whatever else”. We put him in his kennel and take off.

The wedding is south of us, not terribly far from one of Dayton’s shopping hubs. Our exit off of the highway will be the same as those who are doing some shopping on a Saturday afternoon. This is the first Saturday of November, and some of you might recognize it as the official kickoff weekend of Christmas shopping. Some more math for you today.

Christmas Shopping + Saturday = Cars backed up the off ramp and onto the highway

Luckily for us the traffic did flow, but we ended up parking with only a minute or so to spare. We enter the doors nearest to us and find ourselves already in the sanctuary, not an entryway. We find an aisle seat (a must for us now) and just beat the parents coming down the aisle. We manage to beat about 20 other guests, so we must not have been the only ones caught up in the holiday rush.

Let me tell you about the wedding. It was beautiful, the priest had a nice homily that had personal touches for the happy couple. There was much joy in the room. By the end though, my arm was hurting. See, Eva and I spent a majority of the service in the entry room.

Eva loves people, and a room full of people not focusing on her is a problem to her. Eva loves to explore, but a pew has few places to go. Eva loves to learn, but just sitting is not good enough. So to get someone’s attention, she’ll talk to them. With no place to go, and nothing new to play with and learn, she works on her vowels.

Blabbing + Wedding = Daddy holding Eva in the entryway.

So Eva got to see the woman in white through the glass. We snuck back in for the end, with plenty of organ to cover any random outbursts. After service we lined up outside waiting for the bride and groom to come out. On the way out we had been given bubbles for the occasion. Eva was awestruck by the bubbles.

More bubbles please!

After the bride and groom came and left, we piled back in the car to head home. With a wedding at 2 and reception at 6, it left plenty of time for us to bring Eva home for a nap and her dinner. The perfect family schedule.

On the drive back I realized that I had forgot to put my tie on. I knew I’d forget something. At least that was the only thing we forgot…

We arrive home and let Quinton out. As you remember, he was our “whatever else”. Though he reminded us to kennel him, we forgot to take him out potty, so he took care of that in his kennel. We’ve been bitten.

Arrived home asleep

Nap, dinner for Eva, kennel and dog cleaning and it’s time to head back out to the reception. This time, with tie.

The reception is at the Boonshoft Museum of Discovery. We find a corner tucked away that we can put Eva on the floor to move around a bit. She makes a friend, the ring bearer.

We’re assigned a table, so we go to find it. The museum is divided into a number of discovery rooms, and we are assigned the general store where kids can learn about how to pick out groceries. Eva enjoys the vegetable bin, and even tries to take home some asparagus.

The dance floor is just outside our room. Once the band start up, we stroll out to watch them. Eva starts to dance. It’s her new thing, she’ll stop and kind of shimmy around. We put her down and she crawled onto the dance floor. She really enjoyed the music and the lights.

We take off just after the first dance. We’ve successfully kept Eva up past her bedtime and time shifted her for daylight savings. She had a good time at the wedding, and we made it out of the house. A successful day for the Kleins.

The End

2:30 AM, the next morning

Screams coming through the monitor. We check on her and try to calm her the normal ways. Nothing is working other than holding her. We try to get her to sleep, but nothing is working. At 4:30 we try some Tylenol in case it’s teething…or just to get her to sleep some, for both our sakes.

I’m not sure at this point whether it was an overstimulation thing (lights, music from the reception) or if it was teething, but those 2 hours were quite miserable none the less.


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