God's Child, Our Joy

An adoptive family's journey in faith and life

Two Part Two

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Crap! What does that mean? We hadn’t heard anything from our agency in a long while. So there must be some news, but what? Did she change her mind and decide not to adopt? Did she lose the child? Did she choose someone else? Did she choose us?

It didn’t make sense. This isn’t how we planned it. We had three months to go before a decision was going to be made. Has something changed? If it hasn’t changed, then what? I guess that the contact could be about something else entirely. A change of address, a request for help with something, maybe some paperwork? I don’t know.

Wait, since we hadn’t heard from the agency, doesn’t that mean that it’s not a big deal? Wouldn’t they contact us right away if there was news? We’re obviously jumping to conclusions when there isn’t the evidence to back it.

Now that we’ve processed all these questions and scenarios, Steph texts her back to let her know that we had not heard from the agency. Now we wait for a response.

still nothing








Longest wait ever! What does that mean!? Was she upset? Did she not know how to respond? Would she just tell us to contact her after we heard from our agency? What?!

Steph picks up the phone to read the message.

“Well I’ve decided to do adoption. Meeting with [agency]”

And there it is.

As adoptive parents we miss out on some things, for example the pregnancy test (check that, the positive pregnancy test). While the plus sign on the pregnancy test is God’s way of saying “I’ve chosen you to be parents”, we get a text message that doesn’t use symbols, but actually tells us our lives are changing.


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