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Go Vote!

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You may have heard that we live in the swingiest of swing states, Ohio. We have an average of three political commercials per break. We get 5-8 pieces of mail a day (a friend once had 23!) Our phone rings with calls from both sides and pollsters.

What you may not have heard about is the personal visits the candidates make. No, I’m not talking about those campaign stops you see on TV. No, they go door to door and personally plea for our votes.

Their research is good, and they know that if they are going to get our vote, they only need to convince one person. Eva. Here is a few of the pictures we took.

The Pitches

If you vote for me, there will be no glass ceilings for women.

If you vote for me, you’ll be able to keep all your toys.

A vote for Obama is a vote for music (and dancing!)

A vote for Romney is a vote for strong business and farmers.

The Oops Moments

I’m calling travelling on you!

I have binders full of reasons to vote for me!

Soda bottle? Wouldn’t you rather have milk?

Vikings? Really?

The Pandering

Eva’s Verdict…

Go vote!


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