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Toy Battle 3

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Eva, didn’t you just have a toy battle not too long ago?

“Yeah, but that was when I was 9 months old. Now I’m 10 months old. I’m way more mature now.”

Kind of hard to argue. One month to her is like three years to me. On to the battle!

Book (we hope, but not yet)

Doing Momma’s Grading

Cords ( just ahead of playing with the paper )

TV Stand

The Floor Vent

A Sock (also a Quinton favorite)

And the winner is…

The Gate (look how happy she is!)


One thought on “Toy Battle 3

  1. : ) And so much better with the pictures! My VPN is back in action, so I can do more than just read the emails and now see her adorable pictures!!!! PS – if Quinton can’t have the giraffe toy, Eva shouldn’t get Quinton’s sock toy.

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