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We Be Old

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I’ve been a parent for all of nine months now, and I’ve made some realizations.

1. You can never get enough sleep. You learn how to deal with the lack of sleep, then when you get enough you feel more tired than ever. It’s like you’ve reminded your body how much it really needs and wants more.

2. About a day after you’ve fallen into a routine, it will change. Oh, she’s slept until 7:00 am for a week straight, and bottles happen every four hours on the dot? Tomorrow she’ll get up at 5:45, and want bottles randomly.

3. It’s probably not true, but it sure seems like they grow an inch overnight.

4. With kids, you age in dog years. Before I was a parent, I was 27 going on 28, now I’m 33 going on 44.

I know that I’ve aged about 10 years in the last nine months. I feel it in my knees, I feel it in my work, and I show it in my face. Here’s the before and after:

And after….

The addition of Eva to the family has also been a lot to take in for Quinton. The once center of our attention now has to compete for it. Our living room is full of toys that he’s not allowed to play with, and while he’s protective of her, he’s got to be on alert for grabbing hands.

Look how gray he is now

“Don’t let Eva play with your ear”

And look at Mommy

“What do you mean look at mommy?”

“I’m just saying you look more mature.”

“What does that mean? Are you saying I look old!”

“No, no, you look younger than ever!”


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