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Eva visits Hocking Hills

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After a disastrous start of the week, we needed a getaway. Luckily for us, we had already booked a trip to Hocking Hills for the weekend. A weekend where we disconnect from the world and relax. So for our getaway from the world, we pack the world in the back of our CRV. Bottles, stuff to wash the bottles, stuff to fill the bottles. Toys, clothes, diapers, crib, food, etc. When you have a child, you can’t just escape like you used to. Last time we were here, it was hiking the off trails, quiet reading time, sleeping in, staying up late and loud movies. This time it was hiking on trail, play time, getting up at the same time, going to bed at the same time and moderately sounded movies. While somethings we can’t leave behind, there are things we can. Work, political ads, phone call surveys, our neighbors loud radio, laundry and other chores. There are things we get, like trails, streams, neat pictures and stars. So all in all, it is still a vacation away. With our earlier sickness, we had not packed anything yet on the day we were to leave. I had to work, so Steph was forced to watch Eva and somehow pack everything together. Only when Eva went down for an extended afternoon nap did she have the time. After I got home we packed the vehicle up, took Quinton to the pets hotel, and hit the road. Eva was fine on the trip there. Slept most of the way. We stopped at the local Wal-Mart for supplies, and headed towards the cabin. The early evening had some showers, and the road was now draped with a wispy fog. I had driven these roads just a year ago, but with it being dark and foggy I was more apt to grip the wheel tighter. The roads wound and the deer were out there somewhere. We arrived at the town nearest our cabin. A mental note, turn at the road before the church. Only, the church wasn’t there. Odd. We get to the cabin, and we unpack the vehicle and move in. Steph sets up the crib for Eva and she goes to sleep for the night. Later we head to bed, and anticipate the 6 AM wakeup call from Eva. 7:00 we get our wake up call from Eva (hooray for small miracles!) We go through our normal routine in the morning then head for the hills. Along the way we discover that we are in fact not crazy. There is no church where there used to be a church. How odd. We arrive at Ash Cave.

We walk the trails and Eva does really well.

A return to the cabin, and Eva went exploring. All new things to view!

Napping became an issue that afternoon. She didn’t want one. The battle went back and forth before she finally gave in late in the afternoon. So much for an afternoon hike. After she woke, we went back into town for dinner.

“Ready to eat!”

“Just lounging”

The next morning we headed out to our next trail.

(In case you’re wondering, no, this is not Cedar Falls, IA…there just happens to be a water fall in Hocking Hills called Cedar Falls!)

“Check out my cute hat!”

Hiking in Hocking

A dry summer leads to a less impressive Cedar Falls….still nice though.

So the previous year one of the trails from the falls was closed. It was open this year so we took it. The trail had many tight areas to squeeze through, with rocks sticking out. I had fun walking it. Of course, I didn’t have a baby strapped to me.

We discovered why the trail had been closed. A giant rock had came down and took out a bridge. The trail was rerouted to squeeze between two rocks.

The rock and what’s left of the bridge.

We headed back to the cabin and caught some of the Iowa game on TV. Eva played on the floor, so I told her about football. I told her about my favorite team, the Vikings, and their history. In horror, she grabbed my Vikings hat.

“My bad”

Our cabin had a trail that we could walk down to a lake. One last walk to end the day.

The next morning we packed up and got ready to leave. As we walked out, we saw we had a visitor.

“Ahh! Time to go!”

We stopped at the Amish store on the way home to check out the furniture. Steph sure loves the rockers.

So Eva, did you have a fun trip?

Guess she was worn out by the trip. We pick up Quinton and head home. Quinton, did you have fun at the pets hotel?

In case you were wondering about that missing church, it was sadly burnt down.


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