God's Child, Our Joy

An adoptive family's journey in faith and life

Girl in the Mirror

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Who is this girl in the mirror
Who is always looking at me
She lives on the other side of the wall
That I can never reach

Why won’t she talk to me
I say hi each time I see her
She mouths the words
But nothing comes out

Does she know that she’s beautiful
Her smile captures a room
Her smile makes me happy
I smile right back at her

Girl in the mirror
Listen to me
Don’t hold back
You brighten the world

You’ve been with me since I was little
Watching over me as I play
I knew little of this world
But knew you were always there

You gave me company at daycare
You cried for me when I got a bath
You even came by to say hi
When I was out shopping

Don’t be quiet
Express your feelings
You are beautiful
And have much to share

Don’t let the confines
Of your wooden frame
Keep you from sharing
Your heart of joy to all


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