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So in my lifetime I’ve had three hair styles.

My baby style

My school years : Parted, not stirred

My adult years : Forward

Suffice to say, I haven’t spent much time thinking about hair in my life. If anything, it’s an annoyance every morning that I have to deal with.


Eva was born with a full head of hair. We kept a cap on her head that first month to keep her warm in that December/January cold, so when we’d pull the cap off, we’d always surprise people with all that hair that was hidden underneath. Her hair was dark, but you could see in her eye brows that the darkness probably wouldn’t last forever.

We’d wash her hair, and comb it forward, just like daddy. As time progressed, her hair lightened and lightened. Her birthfather has very dark hair, but with hers trending blonde, it seems that her hair is more likely to reflect her birthmother’s. She has beautiful red hair, so our natural instinct is to look for the red. It’s funny, but it seems to change. Sitting in the light it may look blonde, but in other light it will have that distinctive reddish tinges to it. It still may be too early to tell where it will end up.

Bath time would result in some crazy hair creations.

Then came the day when her hair got too long to do nothing with.

What now? You always hear the comments about when you bring your child home and you realize there is no instruction book. It’s that way with me and hair. What do I do? What hair style does she want, what does she thinks looks good?

Her first style consists of the part.

Now, her hair is starting to get too long for this. It’s down to her eyes.

It’s started to revolt.

Now we are entering a stage where we have to decide if she needs a haircut or if we let it keep growing. All I know is that every picture we take it gets longer and more free.

Then some day I’m going to have to to learn hair ties, and braiding. Ah! Maybe this short crazy hair stage isn’t so bad.


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