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The Zany Zoo

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During the honeymoon stage after we were selected by our birthparents, we got many things to get ready for our upcoming baby. Some clothes, a crib and changing table, etc. We also bought toys. Some toys for her to use early in life, and toys that she could use later. Before we knew that she’d “play” with just about anything, we bought some toys that we thought would be fun. Of course we had to buy them then. What if they’re not available when she’s of age? Better get it then, because I’m sure that there won’t any other toys available when she’s of age.

Anyway, one of those toys was the Zany Zoo.

Ever think about how toys are made? No, I’m not talking about elves or about the lead in the paint. I’m thinking about how they decide what to make, and what is of value. We knew nothing of the child that would play with this, but we thought it would be a great toy for them. We thought, “I’d play with that”, therefore it would be a good toy. It has the alphabet on one side, it’s a learning toy! Not only will we be fun parents, but nurturing as well!

It remains to be seen how Eva will play with it over the next year, but it’s been interesting so far. It’s been a learning toy for Eva AND a learning toy for us. It’s been a fun toy for her, us, and Quinton.

Quick! Name an animal that starts with the letter N.

Side one of the Zany Zoo has the alphabet on tiles that you can spin around. One side has the letter and the name of an animal that starts with that letter, while side two has the lower case of the letter and a picture of the animal.

Most of them didn’t trigger my attention, until I saw N. Did you come up with your N animal yet?

Why it’s the narwhal, of course! This caught my attention, so I thought to myself “Why didn’t they choose….” I couldn’t come up with a good one. Newt? Na’vi? Things you never think about. Lucky there is the internet for these questions.

So, then came the question, what did they choose for the other difficult letters, U and X? With U, they cheated. Unicorn. If they’re allowed to use mythical creatures, why not use Nessie?

For X, they complete copped out.

Really? Are we just putting down terms of what we can do to an animal? Would fillet be OK for F? Shaved for S?

Return to the internet for a better answer and I get…….wait….X-Ray Fish? Pristella maxillaris, or commonly known as the X-Ray fish, due to its highly transparent body is an actual animal. You’re never too old to learn something.

One last piece of knowledge that you might not have known, but the most Christian animal on the board is the turtle.

Race to the bottom

I was excited to see this side. In time, we’ll be able to talk about why one knob will finish faster than another, but for now she has fun starting the descent and watching them go to the bottom. Although, to be picky, why not put a fast animal on the fastest knob? It’s elephant on the fastest, gorilla on the second fastest, and snail on the slowest. I don’t know the speed of a snail, but both the elephant and the gorilla top out at 25 MPHs, according to the net.

These aren’t my legs

Eva could care less about this side. Moving on.

Doorway to learning

The last side was probably the most exciting for us. We sat Eva down and opened the doors. She tried to close them, but would reach with the wrong hand, or attempt to grab the door at the hinge. If a door closed, it was more on accident.

Day two, however, she had mastered the door closing. Reach for the doors on the right side with her right arm, left side with left. She would meticulously close them, left to right, top to bottom. After the third time she changed it to top to bottom, left to right. Learning!

Bead roller coaster

The part that’s the most fun for us right now is of little interest to Eva, other than a great place to grab when she is standing. However, Quinton loves the beads, and has been trying to lick them and/or chew on them. I don’t know what he thinks they are, but Steph had a shirt that had similar beads and Quinton would lay down on her chest and try to do the same. I don’t know.


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