God's Child, Our Joy

An adoptive family's journey in faith and life

The Nine Month Shoot

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Okay Eva, it’s your nine month birthday! It’s time to take a picture.

Nah. I’m outta here.

Get back here. Look here and…Quinton!

Not your picture time Quinton. OK, now Eva…hey get back here!

“How bout a close up!”

No, no. Back on the blanket you go.

“Sigh, hey isn’t that Quinton by the door? I think he needs to go outside. I’ll take him!”

“Hey I said I’d take him!”

Fine Quinton. One shot. Then we have to get that nine month picture.

Eva, it’s your turn. Aw, what’s the matter?

“I don’t want to wear this clip anymore!”

“Let’s do my Hollywood head shots instead! Here’s surprised!”



Eva, do you want to sit here all day?

“Alright, fine. Cheese!”


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