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Toy Battle 2


A while ago I put up a post on Eva’s toy battle between a napkin and the elephant toy we had purchased. The napkin won.

Further proof that every dollar we spend on toys is wasted, below are the “toys” that are competing to be Eva’s favorite toy.

The Diet Dr. Pepper bottle

The Place Mat

The Camera Strap

Daddy’s Work Badges

The Toy Box


The End Table

The Winner

Click to see Eva play with the winner!


2 thoughts on “Toy Battle 2

  1. Little Man is the same way. His favorite things to do are play with empty soda bottles, climb onto the living room tables, climb onto the dining room table, attempt to climb up onto the counter, sit in his toybox (with his toys scattered all over), and look at himself in spoon reflections.

    So even at almost two years old, he’s still that way. Not that he doesn’t love his toys…he does. But things that we wouldn’t think of as toys are still toys to him 🙂

  2. I remember how much Olivia loved the doorstop when she visited. Unfortunately, all the doorstops in our house are the firm kind, or so I thought. She managed to discover two of the springy type, both in her bedroom. 🙂

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