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Eczema – A skin and spelling challenge


Our baby girl has a skin ailment that affects 1 in 5 children. It causes dry red splotches on her body that can be itchy. It’s nothing major, but it’s an ailment none the less.

(Just say what it is.)
(I can’t. It’s hard to spell!)
(Sound it out.)
(Egg sa ma. Eggsama.)

Right now we are applying a cream every day, twice a day to alleviate the problem. Once when she wakes up, and once when she is heading to bed. Every day we be gooping like Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

(No g sound in that.)
(OK, more like Ex a ma. Exama)
(Exam-Ah. No, try again)
(Ex em ma… Exema)

The problem areas are the chest, the face, behind the ears and on the legs. There can be flair ups with heat. Gooping has alleviated most spots on her chest and behind the ears. Behind the legs remains a trouble area, with the occasional flame up on her face.

(You are close, but you’re never going to get there that way. I’ll give you a hint. The letters c and z appear, and appear consecutively)
(Oh, obviously. Did the medical guys just randomly put two letters together? Fine. Ex cz ma. Exczma.)
(Well, close…ish. It’s eczema.)

We had our six month checkup and was prescribed a new cream that works like a charm. Still gooping, but the flare ups are minimal.

(Did you watch the Olympics this year?)
(Of course! The men’s basketball team won gold, led by Coach …)
(Come on, spell it out.)
(Sha chef ski. Shachefski)
(So close. Krzyzewski)
(Oh come on!)


2 thoughts on “Eczema – A skin and spelling challenge

  1. Little Man had a couple bouts with eczema but it wasn’t anything major. Mostly just a flare-ups on his face and tummy. I gobbed him with baby lotion (unscented) and it went away.

    Unfortunately, Mama (aka ME) also has problems with dry skin so I wouldn’t be surprised if the dry skin issue lasts for awhile 😦

  2. Just a heads up that you have to be a little careful now in other areas. Kids with eczema are more at risk for asthma and you also stand a higher risk of vaccine side effects because she has a higher risk of being allergic to ingredients in them like eggs. That’s what happened with us and I thought I’d send a warning your way to be cautious!

    We really like the Winnie the Pooh baby eczema cream when it’s just a little flare up and if it’s a big one we have prescription strength from the doctor. Lanette I think it’s called plus the cortisone cream for really bad areas (if you got this one you can’t use it on the face though!)

    BTW you’re not alone in the spelling issue.. for the longest time I thought it was exzema LOL

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