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Preparing for 2032

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So Eva, did you enjoy the Olympics?

Of course! The women carried the US this year! 58 medals to 45 for the men, and gold it was 29 to 17. Your welcome.

Yeah, they did amazing work. The women’s basketball team won by an average of 34 points in earning their 5th gold in a row.

Uh huh. And Missy Franklin won multiple medals, and the women’s soccer team won again. You know what this means?


I’ve got to start training for 2032. I’ve got big shoes to fill!


Ping Pong


Field Hockey

Water Polo



Weight Lifting

Shot Put

Track (“I’ll race you Lola Jones!”)


Rhythmic Gymnastics


This took a little time, a little motivation, and one camera was lost in the production of this post.

While taking the aqua pictures, Eva tried to give us the diving picture by taking a nose dive into the pool. Steph lunged to the rescue, and propped her up safely. Only then did she look down to see the camera at the bottom of the pool.


One thought on “Preparing for 2032

  1. LOVE THESE!! Talented little lady!!!!

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